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Flooring Express is proud to be your premier source for SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk. SmartStrand carpet is unlike any other carpet on the market today. It is the only carpet that combines superior softness and durability with inherent stain resistance that is built right into the fiber so it never wears or washes off. No wonder SmartStrand is rated #1 in overall customer satisfaction.

SmartStrand Has Durability in Its DNA

SmartStrand is built to handle the highest foot-traffic. Unlike most carpet fibers built with a straight, up and down molecular design, SmartStrand features a unique, kinked crystal structure that resists the crushing and matting that can occur with other carpets.

History of SmartStand

Developed in coordination with Dupont, Mohawk brought the revolutionary SmartStrand carpet fiber technology to market in 2005 and since then it has taken the carpet world by storm, having shown to outperform other carpet fibers in both stain resistance and durability, while priced competitively with similar carpet styles in the marketplace. To help prove the toughness of their new carpet Mohawk even had SmartStrand installed in a rhino enclosure at the Birmingham, AL Zoo. After two weeks of torture this carpet came clean with just water, and it looked as good as new!

A Different Kind of Carpet

So what really makes this carpet so special? Well, SmartStrand is just different. SmartStrand's tough durability is built into the fiber with a unique spring-link "kinked" structure. It bends easily, rebounds quickly, and resists the crushing and matting that can occur with other carpets.

SmartStrand is also the only carpet that offers permanent stain and soil protection that will never wear or wash off, or need reapplying like that of other carpet fibers. Its protection is built right into the fiber, not chemically applied after production. SmartStrand naturally resists all food and beverages, even strong staining items such as wine, red Kool Aid, and mustard while also withstanding constant everyday soiling from tracked-in grit and grime.

Don't Settle for Less

With all of the benefits of SmartStrand carpet it is easy to see why it is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. In fact, 9 out of 10 SmartStrand owners say they would buy SmartStrand again. And SmartStrand buyers are also significantly more satisfied with both the softness and stain resistance of SmartStrand than with that of nylon or polyester carpets. Plus this carpet offers the warranties to back it up including lifetime stain, soil, and pet resistance, and 25 year wear, texture retention, and fade resistance.

Get it at Flooring Express Today!

So what are you waiting for? Stop in the Flooring Express showroom today and let us show you the many styles and colors available in this extraordinary carpet. We ever carry many SmartStrand styles in stock so you can take advantage of even lower prices and immediate availability! And don't think you have to pay a high price for this highly rated carpet. Pricing starts at just $ .99 per square foot. Come on in and let us give you a free quote on your next carpet.